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HRT Patches for Men: They help in prostate cancer fight Prostate Cancer Deaths
Expected to Decrease by Nearly 7 Percent in 2015
Do It For Dad

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The Hindu theory of the body's Chakras says that psychological abuse of men by women can result in disease of the sex organs. I had a hospital roommate, a dentist whose wife verbally abused him right after surgery. I hope some day he puts her in his dentist's chair and performs some Chakra therapy on her.



Did you know that a man is 33% more likely to get prostate cancer
than a woman is to get breast cancer? It's true.
A husband, father, son, brother, grandfather, friend dies
every 19 minutes of every day from Prostate Cancer

Are you a male 40-75
or over 35 and African American
or your father or brother had Prostate Cancer?
Get tested! PSA 
and DRE*

Someone you know may be affected.
One in every six men will get prostate cancer.

35% will be under the age of 65.
There will be over 2.8 million cases of prostate disease reported in 20179.
For over 180,890 men, it will be prostate cancer.
Over 26,120 will die because
they didn't get an examination or didn't act soon enough.
Don't let it be said, "He was too afraid or embarrassed to get tested."
We cannot rest until we win the battle against Prostate Cancer.


Take the Risk Factor Test
Four Important Things to Remember before Getting Tested

1. Be sure that you're rested.
2. No sexual activity for 72 hours before the test.
3. Got a cold? Put it on hold.
4. Either have your PSA test before the DRE or delay taking a

PSA test for 48 hours AFTER you have had your DRE test.

* If you get a reading between zero and 1, get tested again in five year.
If the reading is between 1 and 2, get tested again in two years.
If the reading is between 2-4, get tested every year.
If the reading is over 4, consider additional tests like
PSA free, AMAS, ultrasound, x-rays, and more blood t
ests, then, maybe a biopsy. And, take this health opportunity to learn every thing you can about
prostate cancer! Call the PCA Coalition hotline with questions about prostate cancer:


Weekly updates of important news and information at Newsbytes

Best Reason to Fight for More Research

Take This Quiz

Have you recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?

The Prostate - The Short Version

The Prostate - The Long Version:

Prostate Enlargement (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)

Prostate Cancer


PSA3 Urine Test
NEW Early Stage Prostate Cancer Videos
10 Steps to a healthier life and reduced risk of most cancers
Prostate Cancer Awareness Week - Free Screenings
Free prostate Screenings during Prostate Cancer Awareness Week
Similarity to Breast Cancer

Deaths Per Research Dollar Spent
Prostate Canceer Awareness Pin
Goodbye Prostate Cancer Awareness Stamp
Viagra news coverage concerning discrimination in insurance payments
Statins increase the risk of prostate cancer
Kaiser Permanente Recommends Against Prostate Screenings
The Prevalent View of ASCO, the American Cancer Society and many HMO's

Newsbytes - Lists hundreds of news items most linked to their source.


June - Do it for dad. Join families across the country for Do It For Dad, a national campaign during June to create awareness and end prostate cancer. Invite family and friends to join you for a walk or run in your local community. Host a kids dash, parade, around the block, go on a mile hike, hit a park for a 5K, it's all up to you to determine when, where, and how far. Make a difference today, go online to order your matching Do It For Dad t-shirts www.zerocancer.org/do-it-for-dad

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Not only the Federal Government, but many corporations have reduced their charitable contributions in recent years. This means reduced services and in many cases, the elimination of services. Many men's services, like this one, are run out of our homes. We foot the bill because of our commitment to men, communities, families, relationships, etc. To keep going, and in many cases just to survive, volunteers are needed. You can make a difference. If you have a few minutes, hours, days, one-time or over a longer period of time, there is a place that can use you.

We are proud to be part of VolunteerMatch, a national non-profit system that has listings for volunteers all over the country. You pick what suits you best. (They don't have a category for "men" yet, and we're working on them.) Below, you can search for opportunities that you can do from home, like the opportunities we have. And they also list opportunities within a mile of your zip code, 6 miles, 20 miles, etc. What have you done lately?  Make a difference. It's never to late to start!


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