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The Prostate Cancer Awareness Week ( library lists pertinent books on the prostate and prostate cancer. Refer also to Issues, Resources, and Merchandising Materials. See also Impotency Books, Information , and Resources.


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Arnot, Dr. Bob, The Prostate Cancer Protection Plan: The foods, supplements and drugs that could save your life. Could prostate cancer happen to you?  New research shows that up to 25 percent of men in their thrties have microscopic, latent prostate cancer. By the time a man enters his fifties, the fgure is around 40 percent. In some men, these cancers remain dormant, but in others they can become clinically significant tumors, sometimes at ferocious speed. At present, nothing can prevent these latent cancers from starting, but there is some great news. Many top researchers believe their transition into active, even life-threatening, tumors may be delayed or even prevented entirely. As with breast cancer, the author has found that the foods men eat can have a profound influence on whether or not they get clinical prostate cancer. In this book, he tells us what these wonderous foods are and how we can use them as part of a sensible, fun, and delicious eating program. He bases his menus on the incredibly varied, time-tested, and delicious cuisines from other cultures where the incidence of prostate cancer is dramatially less than in the U.S. And he provides clear and simple scientific explanations for his choices, so the reader can customize his own plan and still get the right foods with the right nutrients. With delicious recipes, advice on eating out and on the run, stress-busting techniques, fitness programs, a self-test for asssessing your own risk, and other postate cancer-fighting strategies, this book offers a safe, effective program that will not only stave off this dread killer, but will help men lose weight, gain energy, and feel more relaxed as well. Little, Brown and Company,, 2000 ISBN 0-316-05153-5 Buy This Book!

Belshin, Lee, The Complete Prostate Book: Every man's guide, Lee Belshin Over half of all men will experience prostate problems during their lifetimes. But most men are only vaguely aware of the disorders, their treatments and after effects. You will discover how to treat and overcome prostate cancer, prostate enlargement and related health problems. In simple, friendly terms, the author walks you through everything you need to know. A diagnosis of an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer can be terrifying and confusing. The honest advice in this book will help you to prevent and treat prostate problems so that you can continue on to a happy and healthy life. Prima Publishing 1997 ISBN 0-7615-0447-8 Buy This Book!

Blaivas, Jerry, Conquering Bladder and Prostate Problems: The authoritative guide for men and women. The agonizing discomfort of bladder difficulties, prostate problems, and urinary tract infections plague millions of men and women. Torment, pain, and embarrassment are just a few of the feelings these people face every day. Finally, help is here in this easy to follow medical guide by an eminent expert. The book offers vital information and guidance to all who desperately need help. There is a beacon of hope for the many sufferers of such devastating conditions as incontinence, cystitis, benign prostate problems, prostate cancer, difficulty urinating, interstitial cystitis, the aging bladder, bladder cancer and pregnancy bladder problems. You or a loved one will find this volume indispensable in helping you cope with these debilitating but treatable conditions. This valuable guide will enable you to make informed judgments that will set you on the path to a healthier and more comfortable life. Plenum Press 1998 ISBN 0-306-45864-0 Buy This Book!

Bodai, Ernie with Richard A. Zmuda "I Flunked My PSA!" What you need to know about prostate cancer NOW!. Most men aren't aware of a startling statistic - "One out of six men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime." Unfortunately, you may be that one out of six. You certainly didn't choose to be, but you are. As such, here is the statistic that you should now focus on: Close to 95 percent of men whose prostate cancer is caught in its earliest stages will be healthy and disease-free five years after their diagnosis and treatment. You already have at your disposal an extraordinary array of treatments, many of which did not exist a decade ago. Your cancer can be beaten. It's not just hype. It's hope, and it's here. You may be facing a significant risk of prostate cancer, or possibly have just been diagnosed. You may even be on the welcome road to recovery. Whatever the reason, you now have a book that can be that important first step. It will help you take many more. B2Z Publishing, or, 2002 ISBN 0-9712070-1-1

Bostwick, David, Gregory MacLennan & Thayne Larson Prostate Cancer: What Every Man-and his family-needs to know. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among American men - an estimated one out of six men will develop it - but if detected early, it is also among the most treatable forms of cancer. But most men - and their families - lack the most basic information about what to do when confronted with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. This book, written by a team of internationally known and respected medical experts, sets out to explain everything a man needs to know. Written under the auspices of the American Cancer Society, the nation's leader in cancer research, education and rehabilitation, it contains all the most up-to-date information about the disease. Even more, it is a patient's advocacy book, offering medical, practical, psychological, social and emotional support. Through case histories and anecdotes - and always with compassion - it addresses the full range of issues that men with the disease may face. Villard Books, 1996 ISBN 0-679-77189-1 Buy This Book!

Chaitow, Leon, Prostate Troubles:  A drug-free programme to help alleviate prostate problems, Thornsons, 1988

Clapp, Larry, Prostate Health in 90 Days: without drugs or surgery. Each year, 40,000 American men have their prostates surgically removed or burned with radiation, often within 48 hours of cancer diagnosis. While doing so may eliminate an immediate problem, it will result in reduced quality of life, often including impotence and incontinence. And unfortunately, surgery and radiation don't work as well as claimed. Often the cancer recurs - 35% require retreatment within five years. This book will teach you how to:  Stop prostate trouble in its tracks using nutrition, massage, herbs, homeopath, and other alternative healing approaches. Understand what causes cancer, reverse the cancer-causing effects, cleanse and strengthen vital organs, enhance your sex life and virtually eliminate your chance for disease. The prostate is that vital center from which men derive their vitality, creative energy, and sexual drive. Without it, overall health and quality of life is severely diminished. That's why it's important to take care of your prostate now, before trouble begins. Waiting for symptoms may be waiting too long. Often there are no warning signs, even in cases of advanced cancer. Hay House 800.654.5126 or 1999 ISBN 1-56170-460-1 Buy This Book!

Falcone, Ron, Natural Medicine for Prostate Problems. Most men worry about prostate problems - with good reason. Over 350,000 American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year and give times that many will have BPH (benign prostate disease). This empowering guide lets you begin a comprehensive program of natural medicine to prevent prostate trouble and reduce your cancer risk, or choose effective complementary therapies to ease symptoms and help your body heal. Dell Publishing 1998 ISBN 0-440-22524-8 Buy This Book!

Fox, Arnold & Barry, The Healthy Prostate: A doctor's comprehensive program for preventing and treating common problems, This breakthrough book is a medical doctor's proven prescription for a healthy prostate, who has successfully treated prostate problems for over forty years, speaks directly to your vital concerns including:  Early symptoms of prostate problems and what to do about each type, the full range of traditional and alternative treatments available, easy-to-understand step-by-step treatment plans for each type of problem, pros and cons of common medications, innovative treatments such as hypertermia and cryosurgery, checklists and brief quizzes to accurately assess your health status, a detailed prevention program to maintain your good health, and important questions to ask you doctor now. John Wiley & Sons, 1996 ISBN 0-471-11982-2 Buy This Book!

Garnick, Marc, The Patient's Guide to Prostate Cancer: an expert's successful treatment strategies and options,. Ten million American men have prostate cancer. In accessible language, the author guides readers through the maze of often conflicting information about how to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. Drawing on case histories of men who have battled the disease, he talks about symptoms such as impotence, loss of bladder control, and emotional stress as well as treatment options, both traditional and controversial. Includes an appendix of support groups and key lay and medical publications about prostate cancer. A must-read book for the millions of men, and their families, who face this disease. Plume/Penguin Book, 1996 ISBN 0-452-27455-9 Buy This Book!

Gelbard, Martin, Solving Prostate Problems: Answers & advice from a leading expert, Simon & Schuster, 1995

Goldberg, Kenneth, Viagra: The potency pill. The demand for Viagra, the new drug to treat impotence, has outpaced that of any new medication - ever. It's being touted as the easiest, most effective, and most discreet remedy for male sexual dysfunction. But is there a quick and easy fix? Will Viagra help you? And at what cost physically and financially?  This book will answer those questions and more. Inside you'll find: A discussion of the causes of impotence. Descriptions of current and future treatments for impotence and their pros and cons. A detailed explanation of Viagra, including how and why it works and the benefits and risks. Helpful hints for "getting in the mood."  A resource section that tells you where to go for help. Viagra and women: Can it help female sexual dysfunction, too?  And how do women feel about the "potency pill?" Publications International, 1998 ISBN 0-451-19792-5 Buy this book!

Hamand, Jeremy, Prostate Problems: The complete guide to their treatment. Includes non-surgical methods now in use or being developes, Thorsons, 1991

Hobbs, Christopher, & Stephen Brown. Saw Palmetto: The herb for prostate health, As men age, they are quite likely to develop urinary-tract symptoms that can be attributed to benign prostatic hyperplasai (BPH). Autopsies show evidence of postatic changes in more than 40 percent of men in their 50s and nearly 90 percent of men in their 80s. The manual outlines natural remedies and habits that can help men keep their prostate gland healthy into old age and percent prostate enlargement. The authors thoroughly discuss the nature of the prostate problems that older men are likely to face. They also review current research and the medical treatments available, pointing out that many prostate symptoms are part of the normal aging process and may not require drastic remedies. Men approaching midlife will welcome the clear, unbiased presentations in this book, as well as the suggestions for incorporating saw palmetto into a healthy regimen. Interweave Press 1997 ISBN 1-883010-46-2 Buy This Book!

Johnson, David & David Sandmire, Medical Tests that Can Save Your Life: 21 tests your doctor won't order...unless you know to ask. Breqakthrough medical tests can find dozens of deadly idseases before it's too late. But because of the state of modern healthcare (with insurers' red tape and doctors' busy schedules), most of us don't know that these tests are available - let alone which ones to have, what they're called and how to ask for them. That's all about to cahnge. With this book, you'll learn how to determine if you're at risk for life-threatening conditions. Once you gauge your risk levels, the authors will teach you which tests to request from your doctor and how to make sure you get them. Genetic tests for cancer risk, the latest blood tests for heart disease, and even older tests like ultrasound have one thing in common: they can save your life. Rodale Press, 2004, ISBN 1-57954-732-X

Kantoff, Philip & McConnell, Malcolm, Prostate Cancer: A family consultation. The introduction of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test has led to a sharp increase in the number of dianosed prostate cancer cases. If it has been determined that you have prostate cancer, you and your family will have many questions and concerns that will require expert attention. However, doctors seldom have the time to access the unique needs of every case and devise plans accordingly, and patients are often caught in a rapid and confusing chain of events that leaves them vulnerable. As director of genitourinary oncology at the world-famous Dana-Fisher Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, the author understands that the optimal course of treatment for prostate cancer - surgery, radiation therapy, cryosurgery or watchful waiting - depends on an individual's age, overall health, and tumor condition. This compassionate book provides you and your family with a wealth of advice - the quivalent of a complete consulation with the author, who specializes in devising treatment programs for men who have been dianosed with this life-changing disease. Houghton Mifflin, 1996 ISBN 0-395-71823-6 Buy This Book!

Katzenstein, Larry, Viagra: The potency promise:  How it can work for you and change your life. Doctors can't write out the prescriptions fact enough - thousands of men (and women) are racing to get their hands on Viagra, the new potency drug that experts predict will revolutionize our sex lives. And the results look good - Viagra may be the magic bullet for many people who thought they could never enjoy sex again as well as for those who simply desire a more rewarding sex life. Read firsthand reports from men, young and old, who have actually used Viagra and see if it can change your life, too. St Martin's Press 1998 ISBN 0-312-96929-5 Buy This Book!

Korda, Michael, Man to Man: Surviving Prostate Cancer. After years of information but no media attention, finally the secret is out. Prostate Cancer Kills Men. Thanks to Time and Fortune, books like Michael's and the authors who have come before, once again point out that 1 in 5 men will get prostate cancer and as many men will die of it as women who will die of breast cancer. And, even today, breast cancer is funded at the rate of 10 to 1 for prostate cancer. The book talks candidly about various treatments, the operation and from a very personal perspective. Random House, 1996 ISBN 0-679-44844-6 Buy This Book!

Lange, Paul and Christine Adamec, Prostate Cancer for Dummies: A reference for the rest of us!  A must-have reference for patients and their loved one. If you are one of the thousands of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, then this straightforward guide is for you. You get up-to-date information on treatment options and discover how to cope with treatment side effects, receive the follow-up care you need, and handle work and family life during your recovery. Wiley Publishing,, 2003, ISBN 0-7645-1974-3

Lewis, James, & Berger, Roy, New Guidelines for Surviving Prostate Cancer, James Lewis Jr & E Roy Berger. So much is change so fast these days that you need to be an expert on everything relating to prostate cancer. Find practical advice in an easy-to-comprehend format on topics such as:  What are the eight phases of prostate cancer?  What is the herbal formula that may lengthen the lives of prostate cancer patients?  What is a ProstaScint scan? How effective is cryosurgery? Can the benefits of complementary treatments be maximized? Will seed implantation become the gold standard of treatment by the year 2000? When is too much combination hormonal therapy undesirable?  And much more. Health Education Literary Publisher, 1997 ISBN 1-883257-13-1 Buy This Book!

Loo, Marcus & Betancourt, Marian, The Prostate Cancer Sourcebook: How to make informed treatment choices. While early dedication can be critical, today, thanks to more sophisticated surgical techniques, state-of-the-art radiation technology, and improvements in drug therapy, the fight against prostate cancer has progressed dramatically. Because prostate cancer has a unique profile in each patient, no one treatment is right for everyone. This book provides the essential information you need to better understand your or your loved one's individual diagnosis, and make knowledgeable, individualized choices. Here, in clear, concise language, is expert advice on risk factors, diagnostic tests, treatment options, the right physician and the right treatment center, emotional support, recovery, and other key questions. John Wiley & Sons, 1998 ISBN 0-471-15927-1 Buy This Book!

Maddox, Robert, Prostate Cancer: What I found out & what you should know. Prostate cancer, relatively unheard of until recently, has become the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men and a leading cause of premature death. But men should not be dying from prostate cancer!  Early detection and treatment make this an eminently treatable disease. The author demystifies prostate cancer and encourages men and those who love them to take preventive action. Learn about symptoms, tests, diagnosis, treatment, surgery outcomes, and long-term effects. Harold Shaw Publishers, 1997 ISBN 0-87788-566-4 Buy This Book!

Malerman, Newton, The Prostate Health Workbook. For the nearly 200,000 U.S. men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, the journey toward recovery is often filled with fear and uncertainty. A cancer survivor himself, the author focuses on the empowerment that comes from a willingness to understand and actively fight the disease. In this book, he encourages prostate-cancer patients to expedite their recovery by taking an active approach to securing the best medical care possible. The book explains in detail the tests used to diagnose prostate cancer, available treatment options and cancer treatment facilities, alternative therapies, patients' rights, legal issues and more. It includes medical history checklists, treatment option evaluation charts, and test record and results checklists that assist the patient in tracking his progress toward freedom from cancer. This includes sexual change, postoperative incontinence and psychological issues. Based on the author's research, personal experience and discussions with prostate cancer patients and doctors, this workbook is an empowering, interactive book that helps the reader to plan and approach his fight with cancer with all the determination of someone who knows he can win. Hunter House,, 2002, ISBN 0-89793-363-X Buy This Book!

Marks, Sheldon, Prostate & Cancer: A family guide to diagnosis, treatment & survival, Sheldon Marks. Questions and answers to save a man's life!  Will it be yours?  Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in North America and the second leading killer of men - 40,000 men die yearly from it. Yet prostate cancer generally is treatable and curable if detected early. Learn what prostate cancer is and why you need to know about it, its causes, the latest in treatment options and recovery. This is the most definitive and up-to-date sources of information on prostate cancer available today. Extensive question-and-answer format tells what questions you should ask your doctor and, most important, how to understand and interpret your doctor's answers. Plus practical, usable facts and information. Fisher Books, 1997 ISBN 1-55561-078-1 Buy This Book!

McCarthy, M.P., Plain Talk About Prostate Problems: Questions & answers about benign prostatism, R&E, 1990

McDougal, W. Scott, Prostate Disease: The most comprehensive, up-to-date information available to help you understand your condition, make the right treatment choices and cope effectively, W Scott McDougal. If you’ve been diagnosed with a prostate disorder, you’re probably confused by the array of treatment choices - including no treatment at all - and frightened at the prospect of the two common side effects of such treatment: impotence and incontinence. This book combines the most up-do-date research and frank discussion to help you make the best choices for your individual situation and work more effectively with your healthcare team. This essential guide will take you step-by-step through diagnosis, causes, treatment options, and methods of coping for all major prostate disorders, with perspectives from leading doctors, nurses, therapists, dietitians, social workers and men who are living with each treatment choice. Random House, 1996 ISBN 0-8129-2319-7 Buy This Book!

Morra, Marion & Even Potts, The Prostate Cancer Answer Book: An unbiased guide to the treatment choices. For men and their families, here is the essential guide to the various testing procedures and treatments for prostate enlargement, infection, and cancer - the first book that enables you to fully understand your diagnosis and the many options available. The authors of the highly respected Choices offer invaluable detailed information about the nature of prostate cancer, testing procedure, treatment choices, including prostatectomy, hormonal manipulation, radiation seeding, cryosurgery and more. Diet, vaccines, homeopathic, and experimental treatments, sexual activity and side effects - what to expect during treatment and recovery, insurance and Medicare coverage, organizations and support groups and more. Straightforward, authoritative, based on the most up-to-date and comprehensive research. This book addresses all the questions you can, and should, be asking - enabling you to take knowledgeable steps toward peace of mind and a positive outcome. Avon Books 1996 ISBN 0-380-78564-1 Buy This Book!

Moyad, Mark, and Kenneth Pienta, The ABC's of Advanced Prostate Cancer. Expert infromation, presented in a consumer friendly format, for anyone whose cancer has recurred or spread beyond the prostate, thereby requiring advanced treatment. Sleeping Bear Press, or 800.487.2323, 2000, ISBN 1-886947-68-6 Buy This Book!

Moyad, Mark, The ABC's of Nutrition & Supplements for Prostate Cancer. Realistic approaches to the treatment of prostate cancer through common sense nutrition & supplements. Sleeping Bear Press, or 800.487.2323, 2000, ISBN 1-88694769-4 Buy This Book!

Pilgrim, Aubrey, A Revolutionary Approach to Prostate Cancer: Alternatives to standard treatment options, doctors & survivors share their knowledge. Everyone knows that to win a war, you must first have a well thought out, knowledgeable plan to attach. This book is an extensive, strategic, defense plan for men battling prostate cancer. With the right information, many cases of this dreaded killer can be detected in an early, curable stage. This comprehensive guide, written by more than twenty medical doctors, provides its readers with lifesaving advice and critical information regarding prostate cancer detection, diagnosis, available resources and treatment options. Sterling House Publisher 1998 ISBN 1-56315-086-7 Buy This Book!

Rous, Stephen, The Prostate Book: Sound advice on symptoms and treatment, W. W. Norton, 1994

Salmans, Sandra, Prostate: Questions you have...Answers you need, Sandra Salmans. Almost all men over the age of 45 exhibit some form of prostate-related symptoms, but are these symptoms important?  Here are the authoritative answers to all your questions about prostate problems and treatments. This is a complete guide to prostate health. What should a man do to maintain prostate health?  Is benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH (enlarged prostate), an inevitable part of the aging process for men?  Does treatment for prostatic disease necessarily result in impotence?  And, what should a consumer ask a physician when prostate surgery is recommended or suggested?  These and hundreds of other questions are answered with information directly from the leading medical experts in this easy-to-read, consumer-friendly guidebook. People Medical Society, 1996 ISBN 1-882606-63-9 Buy This Book!

Scardino, Peter, Straight Talk on Prostate Health, Health Video, 1994

Stolar, Mark, Viagra & You:  New treatments for potency and sexual health. It's been called a "miracle drug" that promises to restore potency and vitality to the sex lives of countless couples. With strong and growing sales, this new treatment has made it clear that in many, if not most cases, sexual difficulties aren't "all in your head". This sensible guide discussees the new "potency prescription" - and explores issues such as: How it works, cautions, potential side effects and other practical concerns, looking closely at alternative treatments, teaming up with the right doctor, achieving and maintaining sexual health, making Viagra part of a loving realtionship. CMB Publishing 1999 ISBN 0-425-16802-6 Buy this book!

Terry, Marshall, Angels Prostate Fall. Professor Stanley Morris's orderly world of teaching, scholarship, and committee meetings is shaken when he gets the surprise so many men of his age dread - a diagnosis of prostate cancer. In his struggle to keep his sense of humor, his identity, and his dignity, he emerges as a sort of Everyman as he stoically makes his way through his physical and spiritual ordeal. His spirit, his loyalty to his wife, family and students and to his place in his university community are at the heart of this small gem of an impressionistic novel. Southern Methodist University Press, 2001 ISBN 0-87074-463-1 Buy this book!

Torres, Joe, Two for One: A spouse's guide to coping with prostate cancer."Our marriage has been filled with great joy and, of course, its share of challenges. Through it all, it's always been the two of us - making plans, sharing values, creating a family, striving together toward our hopes and dreams. So when my husband learned he had prostate cancer, there was no questions I'd be there for him. What I came to realize, though, was that prostate cancer involved me too, in direct and intimate ways. Although prostate cancer was first and foremost about my husband's life, it would be the two of us who would battle this disease, on our own and together as a couple. As a spouse, you may have your own feelings and needs, questions and worries. This booklet is intended to provide insights into the strong emotions and other challenges you may face as you and your spouse go forward in the fight against prostate cancer." Alie Torre, wife of New York Yankess Manager Joe Torre. Includes a great resource list. Amgen, www/ or 877.550.9624

Urbaniak, Eva, Healing Your Prostate: Natural Cures that Work. It's a national epidemic. Half of all men over the age of 50 experience problems related to prostate enlargement. And one man in five will eventually develop prostate cancer. But prostate problems don't have to be part of getting older. Nature has provided safe and effective ways for you to reverse prostate enlargement and dramatically reduce your risk of cancer. Here, a leading naturopathic physician tells in clear, easy-to-understand language how you can enjoy perfect prostate health with proven, all-natural, drug-free, surgery-free methods. Make prostate troubles vanish with healing herbs that are safer and more effective than prescription drugs and surgery. Supercharge your daily diet with delicious, prostate-healing foods. Detect problems before they become serious with a fail-safe early-warning method. Harbor Press 1999 ISBN 0-936197-35-8 Buy This Book!

Vaughan, Susan, Viagra: A guide to the phenomenal potency - promoting drug. As revolutionary as "the pill" and more controversial than Prozac, potency-promoting Viagra has quickly become the most successfully launched drug in pharmaceutical history. Since its FDA approval, the oral medication has proven nearly 80 percent effective - reviving the sex lives of hundreds of thousands of couples, while finally bringing the age-old problem of erectile dysfunction out from under the covers. Here the author clearly explains the full potential of America's favorite new drug - and its possible ramifications. Pocket Books 1998 ISBN 0-671-02733-6 Buy This Book!

Wainrib, Barbara Rubin & Sandra Haber, Men, Women and Prostate Cancer: A medical and psychological guide for women and the men they love. What happens when a middle-aged man, facing all sorts of new concerns about his virility, suddenly discovers that he has prostate cancer? In the overwhelming majority of cases, men in this situation turn to the women in their lives. In keeping with this reality, this book is primarily addressed to the women who care for men during their illness. It offers detailed, life-saving information about the disease and takes readers step-by-step from cause, detection and diagnosis through treatment, recovery and post-treatment life. Striking a healthy balance between technical knowledge and practical how-to suggestions, the authors use easy-to-understand language to demystify treatment options, procedures and side effects, and offer helpful advice on how partner and patient can deal with sex and emotional issues before, during and after diagnosis. New Harbinger Publicatoins, 2000 ISBN 1-57224-182-9 Buy This Book!

Walsh, Patrick & Worthington, Janet Farrar, The Prostate: A guide for men and the women who love them. In this definitive, illustrated book, the author tells you everything you need to know about the prostate and prostate disorders, including detailed, important information about every stage of prostate cancer - from detection to cure - offering you the right choices for your body, your sec life, and your well-being. Benign prostate enlargement and urinary problems, inflammation of the prostate, PSA tests, the latest treatments for prostate cancer, and possible side effects of radical prostatectomy, including incontinence and impotence, and how they can be successfully treated. Warner Books 1997 ISBN 0-446-60432-1 Buy This Book!

Walsh, Dr. Patrick, Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer: Give yourself a second opinion. In the year 2000, more than 180,000 American men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and nearly 32,000 died from it. But this is a book of hope. Today, most men are diagnosed with curable disease. Curative treatment - surgery and radiation - is better than ever. And there has been a revolution in treating advanced cancer. In this lifesaving guide, the author arms readers with full details on every aspect of prostate cancer, including causes, prevention, diet, diagnosis, treatments, and medications. Even when cancer has spread beyond the prostate, there is still much hope - now more than ever before. Warner Books, 2001, ISBN 0-446-52640-1 Buy This Book!

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90% of men will get prostate cancer by the time they're 90.

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