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The Prostate Cancer Awareness Week ( library lists pertinent books on impotency.


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Djerassi, Carl, NO. The last installment of the author's pioneering "science-in-fiction" tetralogy tells the story of a husband-and-wife team who devise new solutions to problems associated with sex and reproduction. Renu Krishnan is an Indian-born American-educated scientist who discovers how NO (nitric oxide) can help men with erectile dysfunction - the scientific rationale behind Viagra. At the same time, her husband, Israeli scientist Jephtah Cohn, develops a new approach to ovulation prodiction, which is also based on current factual research. When Wall Street gets wind of their discoveries, the couple catapults into the fast-paced world of lawyers and IPOs, where scientists are now a hot commodity. Deftly exploring the demanding worlds of academia and high finance, the author brings back many characters from his three ealier novels for a satisfing conclusion. Penguin,, 2000, ISBN 0-14-029654-9 Buy This Book!

Fulghum, Debra & Harris McIlwain, The Unofficial Guide to Conquering Impotence:  For when you want more than the official line! This book gives you a foolproof appraisal of everything you need to know, with unbiased recommendations that are not influenced by any company, product or organization. It is intensively inspected by the Unofficial Panel of Experts, a team of highly respected health professionals. They ensure that you are armed with the most up-to-date insider information on impotence and are told exactly what the Official establishment doesn't want you to know. Macmillan, 1999 ISBN 0-02-862870-5 Buy This Book!

Goldberg, Kenneth, Viagra: The potency pill. The demand for Viagra, the new drug to treat impotence, has outpaced that of any new medication - ever. It's being touted as the easiest, most effective, and most discreet remedy for male sexual dysfunction. But is there a quick and easy fix? Will Viagra help you? And at what cost physically and financially?  This book will answer those questions and more. Inside you'll find: A discussion of the causes of impotence. Descriptions of current and future treatments for impotence and their pros and cons. A detailed explanation of Viagra, including how and why it works and the benefits and risks. Helpful hints for "getting in the mood."  A resource section that tells you where to go for help. Viagra and women: Can it help female sexual dysfunction, too?  And how do women feel about the "potency pill?" Publications International, 1998 ISBN 0-451-19792-5 Buy this book!

Hill, Aubrey, The Testosterone Solution: Increase your energy and vigor with male hormone therapy, Aubrey Hill. Younger men take their good health and virility for granted. As time goes on, though, we don't always feel as strong, as sharp, as confident as we used to. Our sexual prowess - even our interest in sex - declines. It doesn't have to be that way. Learn how to recapture your youthful vigor through tene replacement therapy. As we age, our body's production of testosterone declines. Now there are safe and effective ways to boost our natural supplies. The positive impact is exciting - and almost immediate. Millions of women have reinvigorated their lives with estrogen, the natural female hormone. Men can do the same with testosterone, the natural male hormone. Prima Publishing 1997 Buy This Book!

Jarow, Jonathan, Robert Kloner & Ann Holmes, Viagra: How often it works, How long it takes to work, What women can expect and more, Jonathan Jarow, Robert Kloner & Ann Holmes. The introduction of Viagra, the first effective oral medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence), has resulted in an avalanche of publicity and the intense public interest in the problem that occasionally plagues virtually all men:  impotence. Despite the burst of media coverage, many couples still know little about male sexuality, and myths and misconceptions about erectile dysfunction (E.D.) and Viagra now abound. The formulation of Viagra has been called stage two of the sexual revolution. It may have far reaching effects on our attitudes toward and practices of human sexuality as did the contraception pill. This book concentrates on how Viagra works and the practical aspects of its usage. Included are such topics as:  How often it works, how long it takes to work, how long an erection will last, how much you should take. It discusses the side effects experienced in studies and how best to avoid them. Of intnese important to literally millions of men and women, Viagra tells the story of the birth of this new miracle drug, clarifying what it can (and cannot) do for you; and does away with the myths and misinformation that have already begun to grow. M Evans & Co, 1998 ISBN 0-87131-877-6 Buy this book!

Katzenstein, Larry, Viagra: The potency promise:  How it can work for you and change your life. Doctors can't write out the prescriptions fact enough - thousands of men (and women) are racing to get their hands on Viagra, the new potency drug that experts predict will revolutionize our sex lives. And the results look good - Viagra may be the magic bullet for many people who thought they could never enjoy sex again as well as for those who simply desire a more rewarding sex life. Read firsthand reports from men, young and old, who have actually used Viagra and see if it can change your life, too. St Martin's Press 1998 ISBN 0-312-96929-5 Buy This Book!

Lamm, Steven, & Gerald Secor Couzens The Virility Solution: Everything you need to know about the FDA-approved potency pill that can restore and enhance male sexuality. The recent FDA approval for the first oral medication for sexual enhancement, Viagra, and Pfizer’s upcoming multimillion dollar advertising campaign for the drug is expected to send millions of Americans - male and female - running to their doctors for prescriptions. Predicted to usher in a new sexual revolution, probably as significant as the birth control pill, Viagra and the other drugs its class will redefine the meaning of a functioning sex life. This is the only book available that explains the intricacies of this breakthrough medication and the potential risks involved. The book is necessary to understand the impact of the drug on the sexual lives of women, men, relationships and society because the drug will redefine what a functioning sex life means. Explained here is a broad-based program that works in tandem with the drug to restore and enhance male sexuality. Simon & Schuster (Also, see commentary on Viagra.) 1999 Buy This Book!

Melchiode, Gerald, Beyond Viagra:  A commonsense guide to building a healthy sexual relationship for both men and women. For the twenty to thirty million American men who suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction, Viagra seemed like a miracle cure. But, as many are now discovering, the drug, while an obvious boon, may cause as many problems as it can cure. This is the first book to recognize that for every man who suffers from these conditions, there is a spouse or partner right beside him who is suffering as well. It is also the first book to look at Viagra as part of a comprehensive, holistic treatment program. Henry Holt, 1999 ISBN 0-8050-6060-X Buy this book!

Ryan, George, Reclaiming Male Sexuality: A guide to potency, vitality and prowess. If you have been told impotence is "all in your mind," you owe yourself a second opinion. Generally the cause is physical and nearly all cases can be cured. This is the only book that helps the reader choose the treatment most appropriate to his case. This book is based on the latest research on conventional medical treatements, holistic treatments, nutritional and herbal remedies, and lifestle and attitude modifications. It brings these new cures into the open. Men who try to deny their impotence problems lose big, because cures are so readily available today. After reading this book, no one will feel dumb and helpless in the doctor's office. No man should have to give up sexual performance against his will, and this book gives every man hope and concrete solutions. M Evans & Co, 1997, ISBN 0-87131-809-1 Buy this book!

Shippen, Eugene & Fryer, William, The Testosterone Syndrome: The critical factor for energy, health & sexuality-reversing the male menopause. Testosterone deficiency has been an unrecognized syndrome that impacts every sinew and cell in the body. It is powerfully linked to nearly every major degenerative disease. Use of this remarkable healing hormone could reverse suffering and prevent early death. This research uncovered a mountain of medical literature that has been basically ignored supporting its benefits. Why have the subjects of male menopause and the advantages of testosterone therapy taken so long to surface? One can only speculate. Perhaps the unspeakable spectre of impotence is at the root of silence. Perhaps it simply takes time for new ideas to rise into the medical mainstream (remember, they still believe in circumcision.). Old dogmas and clinical habits die hard. It is well for us not to rashly assume that every new nostrum has value, but resistance in the face of overwhelming science has no excuse. To present the suffering of many is a powerful motivator. Evans & Company, 1998 ISBN 0-7615-1022-2 Buy This Book!

Stolar, Mark, Viagra & You:  New treatments for potency and sexual health. It's been called a "miracle drug" that promises to restore potency and vitality to the sex lives of countless couples. With strong and growing sales, this new treatment has made it clear that in many, if not most cases, sexual difficulties aren't "all in your head". This sensible guide discussees the new "potency prescription" - and explores issues such as: How it works, cautions, potential side effects and other practical concerns, looking closely at alternative treatments, teaming up with the right doctor, achieving and maintaining sexual health, making Viagra part of a loving realtionship. CMB Publishing 1999 ISBN 0-425-16802-6 Buy this book!

Vaughan, Susan, Viagra: A guide to the phenomenal potency - promoting drug. As revolutionary as "the pill" and more controversial than Prozac, potency-promoting Viagra has quickly become the most successfully launched drug in pharmaceutical history. Since its FDA approval, the oral medication has proven nearly 80 percent effective - reviving the sex lives of hundreds of thousands of couples, while finally bringing the age-old problem of erectile dysfunction out from under the covers. Here the author clearly explains the full potential of America's favorite new drug - and its possible ramifications. Pocket Books 1998 ISBN 0-671-02733-6 Buy This Book!

Whitehead, Douglas E. & Terry Malloy, Viagra:  The wonder drug for peak performance. Viagra - the fastest-selling drug in America - is a medical break through for the millions of men who have experienced diminished or complete loss of potency, or who are interested in enhancing the quality of their sex lives. But does this amazing little blue pill live up to the expectations of America's male population?  With doctors writing up to 40,000 prescriptions a day and over 30 million men eager to understand what this oral treatment can do for them, Viagra has been in the media spotlight since the FDA approved the drug in March, 1998. In this comprehensive guide, the book separates the facts from the myths and using the most up-to-date medical information, answers the questions men, and their partners, ask most - to help readers decide if Viagra is the best choice for finding renewed sexual vigor. Dell Publishing 1999 ISBN 0-440-23488-3 Buy this book!

Wright, Jonathan & Lane Lenard Maximize Your Vitality & Potency for Men over 40. Forget about Viagra. Never mind Proscar. Natural testosterone is the real thing. This and other remedies have been scientifically shown to enhance sexuality, vitality, cardiovascular health, and general health. These treatments work better than Viagra and Proscar and have fewer side effects. Smart Publications 1999 ISBN 0-9627418-1-7 Buy this book!

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It is said that 18,000,000 men are impotent and another 12,000,000 lack sexual desire..

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