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Advocacy Day

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week ( has compiled information on the issue of Women Against Prostate Cancer Advocacy Day.

Women Against Prostate Cancer Advocacy Day

Join us as we make our voices heard on the Hill!

This event will include a full day of seminars on prostate cancer and advocacy training on Tuesday, October 4 and a full day of pre-arranged meetings with your Congressional Representatives on Wednesday, October 5. WAPC will bring together volunteers and advocates from across the country to learn about the latest legislative issues affecting prostate cancer patients and their families. You will then have an opportunity to share your story with your Congressional Representatives and let them know how they can join us in our efforts to make prostate cancer history. Click here to learn more and register today!
Source: Women Against Prostate Cancer - or 202-580-5730 or 236 Massachusetts Ave, NE, Suite 301, Washington, DC 20002

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